My Personal Testimonies of the Power of Gratitude and Attracting Wealth and Abundance

My Sequel Post about How the Power of Gratitude can Work for Attracting Wealth and Abundance… Since my last post about attracting wealth and abundance through the power of gratitude, I have been blessed with a lot of good things, which of course has inspired me to write another post about this incredible power dictated

Creating Wealth on Your Current Income

When most people think of “creating wealth” it conjures up grandiose mental pictures of fabulous riches and exotic celebrities. However, the term “wealth” simply refers to owning valuable assets. There is no particular reason why normal, regular people cannot create wealth using nothing more than their current income and intelligent decisions. The principal barrier to

Lesson 2 – The Commodity Of Kings!

What is “The Commodity of Kings” “Power is simply “the ability to act.” Since ancient times, power has been the commodity of kings. Power originally came to those who were strongest physically. Later, it came to those who had a special heritage through royalty. More recently, it came to those who had the greatest wealth