A Mentor Coaches Successful Holiday Franchises

Holiday reservation specialists have began advertising their unique holiday booking franchise model to people looking at franchising as a method of securing their financial future. Its a known fact that many successful businesses are started in an economic downturn. The important part of business start-up is realising what sort of businesses succeed during recessions. Clearly

The Importance of Retained Earnings For Successful Investing – Retained Earnings Are Not Cash

Many people investing get confused about a common term on the balance sheet called retained earnings. Retained earnings go under the shareholders equity and they ARE NOT cash. Many people think that retained earnings are cash because the formula for retained earnings is net income minus dividends paid. People think that this leaves only cash

Dimensional Analysis Alone is Not Successful Innovation Strategy For Developing Marketable Products

There are a number of different strategies for developing new products. Dimensional analysis involves studying the attributes of existing products and learning how they can be changed to improve performance. This can be a great strategy that leads to superior and more profitable products. The drawback is that dimensional analysis by itself is not a