The Importance of Administrative Law

Over the past decade it appears that administrative law, which is the body of law governing the activities of administrative agencies of government, has been minimized, allowing a number of governmental agencies to run ineffectually. Ultimately this has resulted in numerous economic and environmental calamities within the United States, i.e.; British Petroleum, Enron, Wall Street,

Importance Of Data In Accounting And Parties Interested In Accounting Information

The term “data” refers to primary details or numerical facts relating to an event or transaction. Data is stored and maintained on a computer or network. Computer Software like HiTech Financial Accounting process this electronic data. Data is also maintained as hardcopy or paper print. Since accounting limits itself only to those transactions and events

The Importance of Retained Earnings For Successful Investing – Retained Earnings Are Not Cash

Many people investing get confused about a common term on the balance sheet called retained earnings. Retained earnings go under the shareholders equity and they ARE NOT cash. Many people think that retained earnings are cash because the formula for retained earnings is net income minus dividends paid. People think that this leaves only cash