5 Key Aspects of Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the study and interpretation of price, time, and volume for stocks and indexes. Due to the massive changes to the Stock Market Structure since the Banking Debacle and Sub Prime Mortgage disaster, Technical Analysis has been evolving and changing. There are many aspects of Technical Analysis including Candlestick Patterns, Support and Resistance,

The Best FOREX Price Action Trading Indicator – Shift Theory Ratio Price Action Analysis

There is a new category of technical analysis available for trading the FOREX markets. It is called Shift Theory and this new technique is based on Shift Ratios that break down the three main types of chart conditions: Choppy Markets Up Trending Markets Down Trending Markets What Shift Theory Ratios do is focus on the

Dimensional Analysis Alone is Not Successful Innovation Strategy For Developing Marketable Products

There are a number of different strategies for developing new products. Dimensional analysis involves studying the attributes of existing products and learning how they can be changed to improve performance. This can be a great strategy that leads to superior and more profitable products. The drawback is that dimensional analysis by itself is not a