Chocolate Coins – Rich History, Rich Chocolate

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Chocolate coins are an ideal gift. They are such a nice surprise and have a long history in the gift giving department. They are often given to children on holidays all over the world. They are typically wrapped in gold foil and have an ancient looking coin imprinted into the foil. They are delicious and a fun way to give chocolate.

History of Chocolate Coins

These delectable treats have a long history that is wrapped in authentic legends. It is rumored that the very first types of treats like these were made in honor of Cesar the ruler of the Roman Empire and were gifted to the ladies and gentleman of the Roman court. Of course these chocolate coins bore the face of none other than Cesar himself. Chocolate had been a much loved treat for quite some time when there fabulous treats were devised, however during these days the chocolate was not wrapped in foil but instead was wrapped in very fine sheets of gold so the recipient not only was gifted with a fine piece of chocolate but also had the luxury of a little bit of actual treasure.

This custom continued through many generations, for many years in the true tradition with the chocolate being encased in actual gold foil to look exactly like the coin of the day. Children were often gifted with these treasure to memorialize special dates and as rites of passages.

Of course now in modern times the gold foil has been replaced by gold looking foil but these delicious treats are still much appreciated. In some cases the coins are void of any type of foil at all, and the design is simply imprinted right into the chocolate.

Familiar Net Bags

The chocolate coins today are sold in net bags, often with a pirates logo written on them. They are a familiar sight in most candy stores and other stores that sell novelty candy items. These items are also available online through many candy vendors that specialize in novelty candy. The net bags that these treats are sold in are usually made of gold plastic netting that looks a bit like a netted purse, all of it done to raise the excitement of the receiver of these sweet gifts.

The cost is very inexpensive most of the time, although sometimes you will find higher end chocolate houses that have created their own versions of the chocolate coins that are quite expensive, but well worth the cost.

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Source by Jonathan Hutch